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Heres just a small taste of some of the costumes we have available for stage, events and fancy dress.

  1. The White Rabbit
    The White Rabbit
  2. 4th Doctor
    4th Doctor
  3. Clown
  4. Poison Ivy & The Joker
    Poison Ivy & The Joker
  5. Regency Gent
    Regency Gent
  6. Selection of 1940s
    Selection of 1940s
  7. Medieval Dress
    Medieval Dress
  8. Tudor
  9. Goodwood Revival
    Goodwood Revival
  10. Victorian Ladies
    Victorian Ladies
  11. Country Gent
    Country Gent
  12. Gothic Dress
    Gothic Dress
  13. Gorilla and Ballerina
    Gorilla and Ballerina
  14. World War One Nurse
    World War One Nurse
  15. Pirate
  16. Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln
  17. Edwardian
  18. Vintage dress
    Vintage dress
  19. Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman
  20. Willy Wonka costume hire
    Willy Wonka
  21. Edwardian Gentleman costume hire
    Edwardian Gent
  22. Victorian Gentleman costume hire
    Victorian Gent
  23. World War One Tommy uniform hire
    World War One Tommy
  24. Father Christmas, Santa costume hire
    Father Christmas
  25. US Policeman costume hire
    US Policeman
  26. Star Wars costume hire
    Han Solo & Princess Leia
  27. Queen of Hearts, Marilyn Monroe & Jack Sparrow
    Queen of Hearts, Marilyn & Jack Sparrow
  28. Pirate costume hire fancy dress
    Pirate 1
  29. Pirate costume hire fancy dress
    Pirate 2
  30. Edwardian Lady costume hire
    Edwardian Lady
  31. Title 34
    Title 34
  32. Halloween costume hire
  33. Halloween costume
    Black and White Clown
  34. Cinderella
  35. Victorian Governess
    Victorian Governess
  36. Le Mis
    Le Mis
  37. Nepoleon
  38. US Civil War
    US Civil War
  39. 1940s Sweetheart Experiance
    1940s Sweetheart Experiance
  40. Girlfriends
  41. Hot Mikado
    Hot Mikado
  42. Into the Woods
    Into the Woods
  43. Kiss Me Kate
    Kiss Me Kate
  44. Kiss Me Kate
    Kiss Me Kate
  45. G & S Policemen
    G & S Policemen
  46. Victorian Lady
    Victorian Lady
  47. Edwardian Lady
    Edwardian Lady
  48. Victorian Gent
    Victorian Gent
  49. Lion
  50. Edwardian Lady
    Edwardian Lady
  51. Title 57
    Title 57
  52. The Taming of The Shrew
    The Taming of The Shrew
  53. Title 53
    Title 53
  54. Title 54
    Title 54
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